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Ole Error 5216

An error occurred in a database operation. ManageSecurely manage all of your electronic documents and content. A Digimarc® watermark already exists in the specified file. The image does not contain an embedded Digimarc® watermark. 5045 : Cannot watermark file with insufficient color information (needs to be 8-bit grayscale or 24-bit color).

An error occurred while trying to access to the OLE server mutex. 5143 OLE is too busy in other threads. Each BETA (test) version is built with an internal expiration date. ThumbsPlus cannot allocate enough memory for the filter buffer. The filter file is missing.

The TIFF file has an unsupported image or color format. Steps (1 total) 1 Solution This error indicates a conflict with the printer name. If the file is recognized as a proper IFF file by other software, please send a copy to Cerious Software for evaluation. 5179 : Error opening as GEM metafile.

Cerious Software technical support will need this additional code to diagnose the problem. 5059 ThumbsPlus cannot watch the folder . ThumbsPlus could not allocate enough memory to retrieve the image from the Undo buffer. This is most likely the result of a program bug. See error: 8001 8019 Internal error: Invalid parameter passed to routine ''.

Word Error 5272 Error 5272 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Word 1323. ThumbsPlus loads and plays MPG, MOV, AVI, and WAV format files via Microsoft's new Direct Show COM interface. See error 5000 for information on how to report this error to Cerious Software. 5123 : Cannot save unsupported output file type . It seems to have really started in the past week or so.

The message should give more detail about the problem. 5168 : WPG library warning: The WPG library could not completely process the file. This type of exception will not cause ThumbsPlus to terminate. For more information, see error 5064. 5066 In the evaluation version of ThumbsPlus, you may only create 2 galleries. Word Error=32 Error Error=32 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Word 1337.

Most probable causes are: The file is on a read-only (CD-ROM) or write-protected disk. When importing thumbnails into ThumbsPlus, if the imported thumbnail dimensions are larger than those of the destination database, they will be cropped to fit the destination database's thumbnail dimensions. 5042 : Would you like to wait for someone to exit? In order to produce CD-ROMs containing ThumbsPlus, a ThumbsPlus database, and supporting image files that can be browsed by running ThumbsPlus from the CD-ROM, you must use the ThumbsPlus companion product

The registry size option is located at the bottom of the Virtual Memory dialog. 5027 Unable to find and edit linear filter: . THUMBS.EXE is most likely damaged, or your system is very low on memory (see error [5001]). 5007 Error loading resource id: . An error was encountered while trying to watch a folder for changes. The years must be between 1922 and the present year.

The Digimarc® watermarking algorithm will not be able to embed a watermark in an image with width and height less than the minimum stated above. The system may also report an additional error. 5232 : Error removing font. on August 30, 2013 06:08pm Introduction Error happens when user tries printing using the macros in Word 2010. If you check the devices & printers, chances are on of them has JBPRINT instead of jbprint.

The allocation tables for the disk are invalid. Word Error 424 Error 424 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Word 66. You should exit and restart ThumbsPlus, as its internal image structure lists are no longer valid. 5017 An exception occurred attempting to identify as .

In some cases, file decompression may require large amounts of memory in addition to this. 5120 : Load aborted by user.

ThumbsPlus is designed to allow you to evaluate all of its functionality before purchasing. Word Error 1706 Error 1706 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Word 58. Your system may be low on memory or resources. You can generate (and email to Cerious Software: [email protected]) a technical support log, which includes detailed information about this error, by running ThumbsPlus again and pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E. 5001 Out of memory!

Word Ole Error 800A01A8 Error 800A01A8 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Word 87. Memory or resources are very low, so Windows should be restarted. ThumbsPlus was unable to remove the file. Distribution Education Financial Services Government Healthcare Hospitality Manufacturing Retail Overview Executive Team Events News Careers Contact Us Case Studies Fact Sheet & Brochures On-Demand Webinars White Papers Videos PartnerConnect Program Opportunity

Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment Error 450 Microsoft Corporation Windows Operating System 1346. Enter a valid value for the field in error and retry. 5050 : Unable to retrieve watermark after embedding. If the print method is set to "internal" instead, but ThumbsPlus doesn't have the capability to print the type, error 5253 is issued instead. 5256 Unable to print catalog. An additional OS error code will be reported after the ThumbsPlus error code.

While trying to create a common palette, ThumbsPlus either found no files to process or was unable to load color information for the selected files. 5036 : Invalid batch set file. question mark | vertical bar (pipe) % percent Lower case and upper case letters are considered equivalent. ThumbsPlus requires the disk that has the specified file name. WOULD_BLOCK Error 0x800CCC07 Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Outlook 1344.

See error 5001 for information on increasing the amount of memory available to ThumbsPlus. 5030 This image is too wide to be filtered. For more information, see error 5070. 5072 No network license installed. See error 5208 for more information. 5210 : Error reading temporary details file. See error: 8001 8031 SQL Error (BindParameter).

You can process these files individually and enter the appropriate password when loading. 5188 : Unable to load as DXF file. The image or transaction ID entered on the Embed Watermark dialog box is not valid. You may wish to exit some application(s) or restart Windows.