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Okidata 591 Error Codes


Supported file formats in C9800 MFP The C9800 can output date using one of three different file formats. How do I install and configure printing plug-ins? Do I have to turn off Auto Density Mode when I use Best Colorproof? I cannot define custom paper size under Windows NT To define a custom paper size, go to Start/Settings/Printer and click on File/Server Properties and create New Form and click OK. check over here

What are the minimum and maximum paper weights that I can use in my printer? Replace the transfer belt. The factory default is 1" from the top. Sometimes, this is also referred to as "2-sided printing".

Okidata Troubleshooting

Dot Matrix EPROM Settings, Menu Settings and Error Displays detailed below are in Adobe Acrobat format. How do I make my presentations more effective? The following table shows check items to reproduce the same colour as your target offset print. All Oki Network printers have an internal web server built in which can be used for configuring the device.

Your fax machine automatically makes all copies in FINE mode. How long does it take to Linearise the printer? Listed below is the codes to select the different paper sources on the B4000 series using EpsonFX emulation. Oki Printer Printing Problems REG FINE ADJUST in the MenuMap can be used to move the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow printing templates with respect to the Black printing template.

a) Firstly check to make sure all connections are fitted correctly and the power lights are on the PC and printer. However, the ES-1000 Spectrophotometer has a UV Filter. How often should I clean the printer? How do I load the paper?

Is there any anti-virus software loaded on the DP8500 server? Oki Printer Error How do I replace the fuser? You should clean the printer housing every six months (or after about 300 hours of operation). Top of Form (TOF) relates to the print start position i.e.

Okidata Printer Troubleshooting

What does the Signature option do when booklet printing? How much toner is saved in "Toner Save" mode? Okidata Troubleshooting More about cookie settings is contained within the Privacy Page. Okidata 320 Troubleshooting In order for your printer to communicate with the PC via the parallel interface, please follow the instructions below.

Scan to CIFS on Windows 7 & Vista - Home Premium, Basic & Starter Editions By default, the unit cannot scan to Windows 7 or Vista. check my blog New features - SSL/TLS Encryption (Cipher) With the OkiLAN 8200e & OkiLAN 510w you can configure encryption for IPP and web communication between the printer and a client PC. Only one side of each of the twelve A4 sheets would be used for printing. How do I replace the belt unit?, Before replacing any consumables it is necessary to power off the printer using the safe shutdown procedure described in the Knowledgebase article "Shutdown/Restart process" Okidata B4350 Troubleshooting

Basically, if you have 12 pages of A4 data which are printed using conventional methods then twelve pages of A4 media would be used. Firstly try cleaning the LED array with a soft tissue. I keep getting reports I do not want Check your user function settings and turn off the reports you do not want. this content However, sometime paper jams occur.

If you are unable to read these files please download Acrobat Reader. Oki Support Australia Why are my comment boxes not printing from MS Excel? REG FINE ADJUST in the MenuMap can be used to move the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow printing templates with respect to the Black printing template.

parallel or USB, as the "Local printer" option is disabled.   This functionality is intentional and was introduced due to problems encountered in installing unsigned drivers on Windows XP.

Press the ONLINE switch to continue printing. Open and close the cover to perform recovery printing, and continue. 40980Printer Error Check The PrinterDisplayed if paper jam has occurred in the Duplex Unit and the Duplex unit is removed. Plus and Elite Version ML280 Switch Settings EPROM Settings - Standard EPROM Settings - IBM EPROM Settings - Epson ML292/3 EPROM Settings ML294 EPROM Settings ML320 / ML321 EPROM Instructions Error Oki Printer Poor Print Quality Software Version: Mac OS 10.4.x What is the life expectancy of my consumables?

This cannot be manually configured. Mixed Media is a driver function on the C9800 that allows the user to choose a different paper source for different sections of their document. Applies to: Mac OS 9.x This information does not apply to Mac OS X. have a peek at these guys To print custom paper sizes on the B6200/B6300 you must set the size in both the printer driver and on the operator panel of the printer itself.

The printer does not communicate with the PC via the parallel interface. Top of Form (TOF) relates to the print start position i.e. Network Interface Operating Mode The Fast Ethernet 7100e and 7100e+ support the following modes: Storage Device Manage - FILE OPERATION FAILED This problem is encountered when a network card is installed the position the printer starts printing from at the top of the page.

In order to use Command Workstation, a valid server (printer) connection must be available. How do I RIP and unRIP a job from Command WorkStation? The Norwegian characters Øø are printed as Yen and Cent characters. Software Version: Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2003 LDAP search Attributes and Additional Filter Under the LDAP settings on the C9800MFP there are 2 buttons that are relevant to an LDAP search

When you have replaced the image drum unit it is necessary to then reset the drum counter. The update applies to the User Guide on CD and covers the section "Operating Instructions", "Setting menu values". In general, booklet printing works correctly with windows and for that reason this option is shown in the driver How do I replace the image drum? Your printer will handle a variety of print media, including a range of paper weights and sizes, transparencies and envelopes.

Printer Alarm 4 Display says: "Printer Alarm 4" / "Printer Alarm 4 - Check Users Guide". Duplex printing is the industry term for "printing on both sides of the paper". Paper jam when copying using the manual feed slot When performing a copy from your B25xx MFP using the manual feed slot, you may encounter a paper jam if the MFP Problems printing multiple collate copies of a poster from MS Word?

Landscape printing is when the correct orientation of a printout appears with the longest edge in the horizontal direction.