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spinbres 19,300 views 3:08 How to reset image drum counter on OKI printer for FREE - Duration: 1:37. An attached file may have exceed its size limit. NOTE: If you see a series of letters and numbers(scrolling across the display) after the 3-digit error code, be sure to write these down also and report them when call or Loading Paper or Envelopes TRAY2 EMPTY No paper is loaded in Tray 2.

If the use of non-genuine consumables causes damage to the product or results in your product not functioning to its full specification, then such damage or effect on the product is Changing data Transfer Type failed. Memory in the file system is full. Open and Close the indicated cassette.

Oki Printer Toner Sensor Error

Okidata told me to call gilberco which is my company for the passport system that is hooked up to the printer but have not received a reply...because my warranty was over Don't turn off the power untill registration is complete. --- Deleting from Google Cloud Print. --- Error PDL An error occurred when PDL data that was sent from the printer driver The network is being initialized.

How do I make copies? Error 380 : Paper Feed Error 381 : Transport Error 382 : Exit Error 385 : Fuser Error 389 : Printing Page Lost If the Error Code is "380", "381", "382", The memory has overflowed. Oki B431dn Error 563 Drum Life Replace the fuser unit with a new one.

Install the cassette. Oki Error Codes Repeat step 1 and change the left most binary digit back to a "0". Check the file. PU Flash Error Turn the machine off, and then back on.

The toner indicated on the screen is low. Oki B431dn Toner Reset Portrait printing is when the correct orientation of a printout appears with the shortest edge in the horizontal direction. Replacing the Toner Cartridge Unknown Consumable Go to User Manual "Trouble Shooting" You can use any consumables in your product, but you must accept the risks of using non-genuine consumables. If you accept these risks and use consumables that are not specified by OKI Data, do the following: Turn the machine off.

Oki Error Codes

Mac OS X - Troubleshooting Okipage 8iM connection problems Applies to Mac OS X 10.2 or greater Okipage 8iM Mac OS X - Crash When Printing Applies to: Mac OS X If you call 1800 807 472 in australia you can get a new one shipped to you but you will have to pay for it - Anonymous 0 service call104: fatal Oki Printer Toner Sensor Error If the error remains displayed, contact your dealer. Oki B4600 Toner Not Installed Error Best Colorproof supports the following equipment for performing Linearisation.

How do I set this up to switch automatically within an MS Word document? If multiple sheets of paper are fed at a time, remove paper and reload paper. I installed a printer under Windows NT. Expired Secure Job. Oki Troubleshooting

The Image Drum Unit is at the end of its life. What options are available? However, the ES-1000 Spectrophotometer has a UV Filter. An error occurred.

Reduce the printer resolution when the step (1) did not work. Tray Media Mismatch 461 Oki The new settings are being stored. nn indicates the error code.

Nothing happens when you press the control panel keys Turn the fax machine off, wait 10 seconds, then turn it on again.

Re-Linearisation adjusts an existing Linearisation profile. Introduction This article describes the recommended method of installation for a locally connected (e.g. Job Log Database Error A data base access error has occurred while writing or reading the job log. Oki Mc361 Toner Not Installed Anyone else that have got this error?

That's why God invented Google, I guess. How do I print a Menu Map? Replace with a new one as soon as possible for maintaining the print quality. Contact the administrator of the MFP.

Top of Form (TOF) sets the print start position. This message remains displayed until you press (ONLINE). Basically, if you have 12 pages of A4 data which are printed using conventional methods then twelve pages of A4 media would be used. There is no method to reduce a moiré pattern which may be evident in a printout from the C9500 GA printer when using Best Colorproof software.

Ribbon Life: Approximately 3 million characters in Utility mode (re-inking cartridges) How do I rear feed paper from the rear of the printer? Setting up printing groups on the C9800 requires three steps: 1. In a Windows environment, the Euro symbol can be printed with the printer driver provided in the driver CD. Replace the fuser unit with a new one.

How do I clear a paper jam? If the error goes away, power down and install the memory and power up again. C: Cyan (blue), M: Magenta (red), Y: Yellow, K: Black Incompatible C Toner. The data must be deleted.