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Oki Email Transmission Error


No destination computer was found for Scan to Computer. Contact your dealer. Click [Set detail of the SMTP Protocol.] in [STEP3. Please change IPv4 address.

Change the FTP transfer type to "binary". USB device has not been recognized. C: Cyan (blue), M: Magenta (red), Y: Yellow, K: Black Image Drum Life. An error has occurred in the image data sent to this machine.

Oki Error Codes

Delete all unnecessary documents. Check the folder name. Change the MP tray setting. Document Jam Please open the scanner unit and the ADF cover.

Valid password required to print document. Check the network connection. Remove the jammed paper. Oki Sntp Server Communication Error Erased Data Full.

The File System is write-protected. Replace with a new one as soon as possible for maintaining the print quality. Message Data Write Error [CODE] An error has occurred in downloading language data that is used for the display on the operator panel or data printing. A color print job was deleted due to an unauthorized user.

Please check SMTP settings. Oki Toner Sensor Error Save this manual to your list of manuals Page 258 highlightsCode Message Writing Failed key Blinks Cause/Remedy Writing to the connected USB memory failed. Check the network configuration, cable connection and status, and the server status. File transmission failed because the file transfer type was not accepted by the FTP server.

Oki Troubleshooting

Loading in Tray 1 or Tray 2 Tray Media Mismatch: Please install paper [MEDIA_TYPE] on MP TRAY. The image dram indicated on the screen is near life. Oki Error Codes Load paper in the MP tray. Oki Printer Toner Sensor Error Files stored for encrypted authentication print are being deleted.

Insufficient Memory. The job was cancelled or user is unauthorized. Error PDF The PDF file is damaged. Use a correct update file. Tray Media Mismatch 461 Oki

Warming up. If using a Mac for the FTP server, change [Host side Japanese Kanji code] to [UTF-8]. Check the server settings. Check the network settings.

Fax receiving has failed. Oki B431dn Error 563 Drum Life Send Address Settings]. Print Quality Not Guaranteed.

Connecting This Machine to a Network Connecting a Computer to This Machine via a USB Interface Register the E-mail Address of the Machine and Server Information Please check POP3 settings.

Network settings for this machine is changed. Install the image dram. Wait for a while. Oki Error 461 Error: 553, 557, 617, 623 The installed K (Black) toner cartridge is not optimum.

Remove the jammed paper. 391 : Tray1 392 : Tray2 If the Error Code is "391" or "392" Paper Jam: [ERRCODE] Please open the scanner unit and the top cover. C: Cyan (blue), M: Magenta (red), Y: Yellow, K: Black Receiving data timeout. Check the network connection. Error:984, 685, 686, 687, 690, 691, 692, 693, 700, 701, 702, 703, 704, 705, 706, 707 Non-optimum image dram is installed.

Inloggen 6 Laden... A paper cassette is not in Tray 2. E-mail sending has failed due to mail server problems, network cable disconnected or network trouble. Inloggen Delen Meer Rapporteren Wil je een melding indienen over de video?

Error code: 400 A tray may hold paper of a different size from the setting, multiple sheets of paper may have been loaded at once, or other causes may exist. C: Cyan (blue), M: Magenta (red), Y: Yellow, K: Black Incompatible C Toner. Writing to USB Memory failed.