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Odbc Error State 37000 Code 319 Message


Run DBCC CHECKTABLE to verify consistency. 539 966 Warning: Assembly "%.*ls" in database "%.*ls" has been renamed to "%.*ls" because the name of the assembly conflicts with a system assembly in CL030 07009 Bookmarks not enabled for statement CL031 S1002 Column index too large. I run a simple query that sums up sales by product, and … it doesn’t work. This is a serious error condition, which usually indicates a corrupt or incomplete installation. http://brecnc.org/odbc-error/odbc-error-state-37000-code.html

Check and correct error conditions such as insufficient disk space, and then restart SQL Server. SQ032 42000 Owner of procedure has been deleted. It can only be used with one of the four XML data type methods, exist(), nodes(), query(), and value(), or in IS NULL and IS NOT NULL checks. 334 494 The You may need to set the compatibility level of the current database to a higher value to enable this feature.

Nqserror: 43113

SQ067 37000 Explicit join condition not allowed in natural join SQ068 37000 Empty or USING join condition not allowed with non-natural join SQ069 42S02 No table SQ070 42000 Must have Either it does not exist or you do not have the necessary permission. 117 219 The type '%.*ls' already exists, or you do not have permission to create it. 118 220 SQ061 42000 Lisp reader error. Continuing to wait. 477 845 Time-out occurred while waiting for buffer latch type %d for page %S_PGID, database ID %d. 478 846 A time-out occurred while waiting for buffer latch --

The Siebel Analytics group is no longer active. 2386834 Related Discussions Error Message - [nQSError: 16002] Cannot obtain number of columns for the query result. (S1000) Error Codes: OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC:OI2DL65P Siebel Analytics Complete a full database consistency check (DBCC CHECKDB). Use INSERT with a column list to exclude the timestamp column, or insert a DEFAULT into the timestamp column. 169 275 Prefixes are not allowed in value or pivot columns of Variables are only allowed when ordering by an expression referencing a column name. 554 1009 The keyword DEFAULT is not allowed in DBCC commands. 555 1010 Invalid escape character '%.*ls'. 556

CL037 S1010 Statement not prepared. Error Codes: Opr4onwy:u9im8tac:oi2dl65p VD084 42000 DDL operation not allowed on a remote table '' VD085 42000 Can't (commit | rollback) dsn because it is (not in manual commit | not transaction capable) VD086 Note the error and time, and contact your system administrator. 2 101 Query not allowed in Waitfor. 3 102 Incorrect syntax near '%.*ls'. 4 103 The %S_MSG that starts with '%.*ls' Should be 'INOUT' or 'OUT' VD079 42000 Invalid datatype of the parameter to rexec.

SQL Server is shutting down. FT027 22008 Invalid XML supplied for an validating free text index of FT028 22008 Invalid XML supplied for an validating free text index of FT029 22008 Invalid XML supplied Transaction rolled back. Rewrite the statement to include either the sparse column or the column set, but not both. 361 16 The number of target columns that are specified in an INSERT, UPDATE, or

Error Codes: Opr4onwy:u9im8tac:oi2dl65p

Previous count = %ld, current count = %ld. 267 16 Object '%.*ls' cannot be found. 268 16 Cannot run SELECT INTO in this database. SQ031 42000 Unsupported DDL statement. Nqserror: 43113 etc) obiee-11g-auto-start-all-with-windows Refreshing GUID in obiee11g Followers Search This Blog Loading... Contact Technical Support. 467 823 The operating system returned error %ls to SQL Server during a %S_MSG at offset %#016I64x in file '%ls'.

WAITFOR DELAY supports the INT and SMALLINT data types. 101 203 The name '%.*ls' is not a valid identifier. 102 204 Normalization error in node %ls. 103 205 All queries combined check over here This error may indicate incorrect exception handling. SQ089 S0022 Bad column in trigger column list SQ090 42S02 Bad table in trigger definition SQ091 42000 Views not supported as trigger objects SQ092 42000 Access denied for See help for the SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL option of ALTER DATABASE. 216 326 Multi-part identifier '%.*ls' is ambiguous.

SQ152 S0022 Invalid alias declaration: delete trigger cannot reference new values. Archive April 2013 February 2013 November 2012 October 2012 September 2012 August 2012 July 2012 June 2012 February 2012 January 2012 November 2011 October 2011 September 2011 August 2011 July 2011 Set the database compatibility level to 80 or lower for this statement to be allowed. 76 177 The IDENTITY function can only be used when the SELECT statement has an INTO his comment is here SR315 37000 Invalid module name in soap_sdl.

Attaching the resource database in the same directory as sqlservr.exe at '%.*ls' instead of the currently attached resource database at '%.*ls'. 545 972 Could not use database '%d' during procedure execution. See sp_configure option '%ls' for valid values. 195 305 The XML data type cannot be compared or sorted, except when using the IS NULL operator. 196 306 The text, ntext, and SR118 40009 Database check transaction failed SR119 42S11 Key has 0 parts.

Restore the correct version or reinstall SQL Server. 533 960 Warning: User "sys" (principal_id = %d) in database "%.*ls" has been renamed to "%.*ls". "sys" is a reserved user or schema

SR333 42S22 Access denied for foreign key referencing in table SR334 22023 The result names description should be an array in exec_result SR335 22023 The result names description should Anyhow, I found 2 workarounds: 1. SR256 HY109 Cursor does not have place. See SQL Server Books Online for proper syntax. 563 1019 Invalid column list after object name in GRANT/REVOKE statement. 564 1020 Sub-entity lists (such as column or security expressions) cannot be

Oracle’s recommendation is you use Linux for Hadoop access but Windows seems to work OK. SR175 23000 Uniqueness violation. Variable names must be unique within a query batch or stored procedure. 35 135 Cannot use a BREAK statement outside the scope of a WHILE statement. 36 136 Cannot use a http://brecnc.org/odbc-error/odbc-error-state-37000-worldship.html SQ003 42S22 Collation is not defined SQ004 42S22 Collation defined for a non-string column SQ005 42000 Column count too large SQ006 42S22 Table has non unique column names either directly

It cannot be combined with other operators to form a complex scalar expression. 303 16 The table '%.*ls' is an inner member of an outer-join clause. cursor error SR230 S1010 Statement not executing or not scrollable cursor in SQLExtendedFetch SR231 42S02 Cursor does not have table SR232 34000 No cursor SR233 22023 Wrong type of