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Odbc Error 11355

and how I can resolve it? Action: Change the Object Type Inclusion property of the attribute to Reference / 15500 .. 15999 CDSR Information Messages CDS-15501,2, "Table: %1, Column: %2" Cause: No cause Action: No action required A datatype of %3 will be used%4" Cause: The required conversion is not supported. If the domain is being captured it will not be saved in the repository. http://brecnc.org/odbc-error/odbc-error-oracle-odbc-numeric-value-out-of-range.html

CDS-11027,0, "Bad file prefix" Cause: The file prefix contained a white space character. that installs the ODBC information into the HKU\SID area automatically? The index will not be generated." Cause: An index has been created in the repository with the same name aas a key constraint. CDS-11335,1, "Cannot grant privileges other than Enqueue, Dequeue or All on Queue %1 to %2." Cause: An attempt was made to grant a privilege other than Enqueue, Dequeue or All on

CDS-15345, 1, "The implementation of %1 %2 for user %3 cannot be design captured." Cause: The database to which the user belongs, could not be updated during the design capture process. I had CR running on my old XP machine, and have made the ODBC settings EXACTLY the same on both PCs.When I click 'Apply & Test Connection' in the ODBC Driver Action: No action required CDS-11506,2, "Copyright (c) 1995, 1997 Oracle Corporation. NOMERGE_AND_SAC Rule selected\n" Cause: No cause (appended message) Action: No action required CDS-15335, 1, "=> the captured property values will not replace the existing property values in the repository but" Cause:

When you try to test connectivity with the ODBC it fails and provides this error code: Unspecified System Error = -11333 Unspecified System Error = -11356.[Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Unspecified System Error = Action: The user must first drop the dependent objects before the specified modification can be performed. It will be added into the Repository" Cause: No cause (information only) Action: No action required CDS-15329, 1, "The %1 %2 does not exist in the Repository. CDS-11013,0, "Cannot modify %1 '%2' in database as it has %3 dependent(s) (%4)" Cause: Cannot drop or replace an object with dependencies, as dependencies would become invalid.

CDS-11357,1, "%1 '%2' property %3 repository value(%4) differs from the database value(%5), but may be equivalent." Cause: This property's value may be modified when it is loaded into an Oracle database. Microsoft ODBC for Oracle - Fail to create I have a strange problem that occur on lots of our machine, we deploy a fresh Windows 7 32Bit OS from SCCM.I created An object in a relationship may not be in the repository. For generation check that the primary key 'Validate In' property is to Server or Both.

Please login or register. Stay logged in Toggle WidthStylewindowsForum v1.0.3HomeContact UsHelpTerms and Rules TopThis website is not affiliated, owned, or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. Action: Add an attribute to the type and regenerate. View the reconcile report for more details.

HomeForums Search ForumsHistoryRecent PostsLive StreamUnanswered Threads Media Search MediaNew Media Resources Search ResourcesMost Active AuthorsLatest ReviewsMembers Notable MembersCurrent VisitorsRecent ActivityNew Profile Posts Your name or email address:Password: Forgot your password? But it does work. This is my attempt to replicate their environment without creating a mess of conflicts in my own working environment.] 2D Graphics Adobe Fireworks Adobe Flash Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop 3D Action: Remove the privilege.

Interestingly, when using a username with remote host privileges I am able to connect to a remote db - this tells me ODBC is installed and working properly.Yet when I try http://brecnc.org/odbc-error/odbc-error-523-80.html An object in the relationship may not be in the repository. Action: No action required. DDL may be generated to modify the property.

CDS-11328,1, "Constraints and Indexes can not be generated for Materialized View '%1'" Cause: The name of the Materialized View is too long to determine the name of the Materialized View Table Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated ...! Clicking OK then raises the message:Driver's ConfigDSN, ConfigDriver, or ConfigTranslator failedErrors Found:The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application This happens with ANY of the user DSN http://brecnc.org/odbc-error/odbc-error-merant-odbc-sqlbase-driver.html Does this help point anyone in the right direction?

By analyzing and understanding these TTPs, you can dramatically enhance your security program. CDS-11341,1, "Subscriber %1 has not been added to Exception Queue %2." Cause: Subscribers cannot be added to Exception Queues. Action: No action required CDS-15353, 1, "View or Snapshot %1 has select text containing %2 clause." Cause: The clause cannot be modelled declaratively.

If I set up the same ODBC in the User tab, everything works fine.

CDS-15346, 1, "%1(s) cannot be design captured into in %2 %3 ." Cause: The database into which the objects would have been inserted, could not be updated during the design capture An object in a relationship may not be in the repository. When I got to compile the source code, I get the following string of errors. Action: Check DDL file syntax.

CDS-15014,0, "invalid %1 reference ('%2') in %3 '%4'" Cause: The specified object has an unexpected object relationship Action: Check specified object relationship. Report an issue Thank you for taking the time to report an issue. Issues with ODBC error in Windows 7 Home Basic I am using windows 7 home basic 64-bit as there are 2 odbc connections are available in system 32 and system WOW weblink Action: Set the grant Option to No CDS-11331,1, "Unique or primary key constraint %1 on %2 '%3' will be replaced by %4" Cause: A key constraint exists on the same columns

Action: Capture a definition of the object. The client configuration will work for some time then quit working and provide an error. CDS-11359,1, "The %1 cascade rule of %2 %3.%4 is incompatible with the constraint" Cause: The Nullifies cascade rule is incompatible for a constraint that is mandatory or contains mandatory columns. CDS-15352, 1, "The %1 %2 references a base relation using %3 %4." Cause: The view is referencing a table or view using a synonym.

Action: The object must be checked out and updateable before it can be design captured from the database. Split this message to three messages, because 6i support only 120 characters length message, if you pass longer then 6i automatically truncate to 120. I've tried both the 32-bit and 64 bit version. CDS-11310,1, "%1 '%2' has relationships with more than one %3 %4" Cause: The object has multiple relationships / references of the same type, this is unexpected.

The Persistent Queue cannot be generated." Cause: The Queue Table property of the Persistent Queue is null. And write your email address (optional) Similar posts... What's wrong... Action: Change the name of one of the objects.

NEW_PAC Rule selected\n" Cause: No cause Action: No action required CDS-15338, 1, "=> a new %1 will be created with the name %3" Cause: No cause Action: No action required CDS-15339, Action: No action required. Sponsored Links: Read full post... I did put entries in Hosts and Services files.After talking back and forth with my Linux server tech support, he believes he narrowed down the problem to the Client & Database

CDS-11356,1, "WHEN Condition will be ignored for INSTEAD OF Trigger %1" Cause: You cannot specify trigger restrictions for INSTEAD OF Triggers.